Happy Clients

I visited dentist Lillian Kelner to get my teeth cleaned and whitened. I had an awesome experience, the team at the office was super friendly. The dentist was talented and amazing on the job. I experienced no sensitivity from the whitening. I’ve been there twice and both experiences have been awesome. I love the outcome and would come again. I recommend this office.

Neil S. Terrazas

A friend referred me to Dr. Lillian Kelner for root canal treatments. The team was amazing and well trained. I love the state of the art facility and they treated me like family!! They always genuinely care for their patients. I had painless root canal treatments. I will always refer people to this office and wouldn’t take my family anywhere else!!! Bravo guys.

George Ingram

I'm always pleased with the services at dentist Lillian Kelner’s office. The waiting time is minimal. The dentist was very nice and friendly. She knows her task very well. The clinic is super clean and upgraded with cutting-edge technology. I have always received a timely response since I started visiting the clinic for my crowns and bridge restorations. Was very happy with results. Thank you!!!!!

Oliver Wood

Dr. Lillian Kelner’s office at Seaview Ave is the best place to be for all kinds of cosmetic restorations. I have been going there for some years. The staff there are so accommodating and friendly! The team at the front desk makes the process seamless especially the scheduling and payment process. The dentist is always very professional. I recommend the office!

Michael Corner

I just had my first patient appointment at Dr. Kelner’s office for bleaching. The staff at the office handled my case urgently and in a professional manner. They were very attentive and attended to all my questions. I had a seamless and successful bleaching. Kudos to the team at the office.

Anthony McDonald

Hats off to Dr.Kelner! My crowns were done in no time and the teeth cleaning was awesome! I'm seriously considering all on four very soon! I hope I won't need dental financing for that

Marvin Globovitz

I really had a very wonderful experience at Lillian Kelner’s office! Since It was my first time in dental treatment and I was so frightened of the dentist, I was made to feel very comfortable. All the staff was very helpful and friendly. Bravo to the team!

Maria Sheila

Due to the awful experiences I had with dentists in the past, I avoided engaging in dental services especially veneer. But I was referred to the dentist at Seaview Dental Center. The way she spoke to me about the dental work I needed made me change my perspectives. I am glad I went there for my veneer!

Anna Lien